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The Introduction of our badminton Teaching
With the practicing of educational revolution in recent years, our school also think highly of developing equally on moralistic, intellective, physical, gregarious and esthetical education. Based on the spirit of Grade 1-9 Curriculum Development, one of the School-based curriculum which we put into practice eagerly is badminton teaching. Through the hard working of the principal and all school team members, the students can surly gain basic badminton skills before they graduate from the school. Moreover, the student players of our badminton team can step further obtaining higher and skillful badminton techniques. In the following is a briefly introduction of our school badminton team:
(I) The team members: As the description above, badminton teaching is our School-based curriculum. Hence, almost each of the students enjoys playing badminton very much. Under the circumstance, those students who own excellent sports condition can't surely get the priority when we choose the team members. We prefer the players who are persevering, emulative and submissive. Because we don't hope our players are absent all the time and quit the team halfway.
(II) The training process: The main goal of forming the team is providing our students one more ability and interest. So, based on the principle of no interfering their subjects studying, the training time is usually designed at school breaks such as early morning, after school or weekends. The students also accept 6 hour-long training everyday during summer and winter vacation.
(III) The economic resources: The school is quite fortunate to have a group of enthusiastic Parents Committees. They not only provide the school needful economic resources, but often bring the students nutritional supplies. And when the team participates in badminton competitions, they are very willing to take the students a ride. Beside, the county government also provides us subsidies periodically. This is because We Jia Elementary School is a crucial badminton developing school of Tainan County.
(IV) The training coaches: Our general coach- Zhi Huang Lee(Ӭ) possess the coach and umpire qualification of provincial Grade B. The other coach- Bo Qi Xiao(fX) graduated from Physical Education Department of National Taipei Teachers College. And he was also the badminton team leader of the school. Moreover, the county government assigns a full-time badminton coach to join the training courses each year.
(V) The proud competition results: Over the past six years, the school team has won the championship for several times, so as the individual ranking competitions. In last summer vacation, we took part in the countrywide competition in Kaohsiung and won the second runner-up. This October, we even participated in the national teen-age badminton tournament in faraway Hualian and won the sixth place in doubles competition. We deeply believe competition results are just part of the training processes not all. But through the training processes, all the teachers and students of Wu Jia unite together tightly.
(VI) The team members' unlimited future: When the student players graduate from Wu Jia, they can enter the gymnastics class of Tainan County Xin Hua Junior High school(xnsưꤤ), the badminton team of Tainan County Ren De Junior High School(xnwꤤ) or Kaohsiung City Ying Ming Junior High School(^ꤤ). The schools mentioned above are famous badminton teaching schools in southern Taiwan. After graduating from their junior high, they will be sent to Xin Feng Senior High School(sװ) in Tainan County or Kaohuiung Senior High School() without an entrance examination.


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