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The Introduction of our native culture teaching
Guan Miao Country(qm) is a cultural good place of Taiwan. It's quite famous for the historic sites, scenic spots and cultural products. And when we mention about the three treasures of Guan Miao, Taiwanese people should quickly come up their mind the agricultural products- pineapples, bamboo shoots and Guan Miao noodles. However, as the native students are asked about the historical origin of Guan Miao Country and the specialties of local pineapples, bamboo shoots and Guan Miao noodles, they may be absolutely at a loss. Obviously, this is a kind of disjunction between school education and native culture. How could the situation happen? Shouldn't school education interact with social culture? And we can say, under the huge examination pressure and the influence of social utilitarianism, not only people gradually put their ancestral culture aside, students also ignore the value of native resources.
Based on lessening this circumstance, we designed a series of School-based curriculum about native culture teaching. We hope by integrating the school education with native social experiences and hometown culture, the students can truly comprehend what's their hometown about, pay more attention to the land they live on and feel the beauty and vitality of Guan Miao Country. Further more, we want to cultivate the students not only care about the native community, but the international community. Hence, the dream of school socialization could be really come true.
Because the hard working of our ancestors, the historical culture and products of Guan Miao can be abundant and colorful. Hopefully, through practicing the native culture teaching, our students can uncover the history and culture of Guan Miao Country. Most important of all, the precious native culture can be passed from the ancestors to the children in endless succession.


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