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The Specialties of our English Teaching
We eagerly hope to cultivate all our students owning the ability of being international citizens in the future. For reaching the goal, we must go steps further to enhance the instruction of second language teaching. But, as everybody knows, students have serious differences in English learning because of the gaps between students' family background, parents' social and economic positions and students' intelligence. Besides, lacking enough English teaching resources including teachers, suitable materials and so on is also a big problem for schools. In order to overcome these situations, our school authority designs the types of English team teaching and students' ability grouping. We combine the school and social human resources to give the students deeper and more expanded English curriculum. The social human resources come from our neighborhood university- Chang Jung University(aj). They provide their students who major in English teaching to assist our English teaching . This kind of teaching cooperation not only benefits to the curriculum designing and students' ability grouping but also provides those college students who aims at being English teachers in the newly future more opportunities to get involved in this field.


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