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*School Name: Guan Miao Country Wu Jia Elementary School
*School Address: No.246, He Ping Road, Song Jiao Village, Guan Miao Country, Tainan County
*School History: The school named as Guan Miao Eastern Education School at that time was founded in April of 1945. The name was changed to Guan Miao Country Second Primary School in January of 1946. In the next year, the school name was changed again to Guan Miao Country Wu Jia Primary School. On August 1 of 1968, the school was reorganized and got the new name, Wu Jia Elementary School.
*School geographical location and general situationǮզazmξǮշz:
Guan Miao(q) Country is attached to Xin Feng Region(sװ) and it's the southernmost area of Tainan Country. Guan Miao Country neighbors to A Lian Country(m) Kaoxuan County. It borders on Long Qi(sT) Country in the eastern side and Gui Ren(k), Ren De(w) Country in the western side. So it is named as Satellite Country.
Our students of the school district mostly come from agronomic, industrial and business family background. And the residents here are very kind and sincere. Bamboo shoots, pineapples and Guan Miao noodles are the special local products in the district. These products also play important role of Taiwan agricultural products.


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